Interactions between plants and their environment

Coordinators: Nicole Benhamou and Carole Beaulieu

Biotic and abiotic interactions can increase or reduce plant productivity. Understanding of the mechanisms of action of plant pathogens and pests as well as plant defense responses to them is essential and underlies innovation in crop protection (induced resistance in plants, integrated pest management, biopesticides, etc.). The optimization of plant growth also involves the study of symbiotic organisms and plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) as well as a better understanding of biotic interactions in the rhizosphere and phyllosphere. The impact of different abiotic factors on plants and their biotic interactions, particularly stress related to climate change, is also evaluated by meta-analysis.

Theme 2A: Plant-pathogen interactions.

Theme 2B: Plant-herbivore interactions.

Theme 2C: Beneficial plant-microbe interactions.

Theme 2D: Plant interactions under environmental stresses.