Sustainable production systems

Coordinators: Don Smith and Pierre Dutilleul

The systems studied include greenhouse and open field crop production used both for food and non food purposes. To attain production systems with high yields and low input, management practices must become more efficient through rationalizing of energy resources, water and fertilizers as well as the development of precision farming. Such farming practices must also aim to minimize their environmental impacts by reducing GHG emissions and diversifying fertilizer use, as well as supporting organic farming. The great challenge of this research area is to integrate the fundamental aspects developed in axis 1 and 2 into concrete strategies for the rational use of chemical inputs, water and energy. The achievement of these objectives is aided in part by scientific modeling aimed at obtaining reliable predictions.

Theme 3A: Crop Protection to minimize chemical inputs.

Theme 3B: Productivity and resource management.

Theme 3C: Mathematical applications in agriculture.