AgroPhytoSciences: technological, environmental and socio-economic challenges

The AgroPhytoSciences program wants to attract the best students from various disciplines (agronomy, biology, chemistry, engineering, mathematics and computer science, social science and management) to the plant production sector. To this effect, our program counts on on a multidisciplinary team of experts in plant science, combining the essential scientific and pedagogical skills to provide comprehensive training that will ensure a better professional integration in the changing job market.

The human population explosion, climate change and expansion of non-food industries exploiting plant resources result in a changing plant production sector. The needs are urgent to train a new generation of researchers and professionals who will be able to support the plant production sector through the major productivity challenges it has to face: 1) produce more on limited and often degraded agricultural land, using fewer natural resources, optimizing inputs, recycling and preserving the quality of the environment and biodiversity, 2) produce more while reducing greenhouse gases emissions and adapting to climate change, 3) produce more in the interest of food safety and social acceptability. Meeting these challenges requires an evolution of scientific concepts, approaches and methods, a multidisciplinary research and mindful of environmental, social and economic benefits.

The AgroPhytoSciences program is offered by the Centre SÈVE, recognized for the excellence of its researchers and outstanding research infrastructure.