Program overview

The objective of the AgroPhytoSciences program is to train a new generation of professionals and researchers who will be able to meet the complex scientific, technical and entrepreneurial challenges facing the plant production sector. The program offers a unique multidisciplinary and inter-institutional training program to effectively prepare the next generation of scientists for the changing job market in the plant production sector.

A training program enabling graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to:

1) Acquire the skills essential to work in multidisciplinary teams.
2) Stimulate their sense of scientific inquiry and develop the skills necessary to solve complex problems.
3) Develop their professional skills to facilitate their integration into the workforce.
4) Increase their mobility.

Students in the AgroPhytoSciences program follow a graduate program of 45 credits (M.Sc.) or 90 credits (Ph.D.) offered by their institution. However, the AgroPhytoSciences program brings added value to their education by providing each student with an enriched and customized training.

The multidisciplinary training includes several components:

Interdisciplinary research
Research internships or professional internships
Training activities
Networking opportunities