Centre SÈVE's partners

The Centre SÈVE and its researchers regularly work in partnership with networks of expertise, specialized in the dissemination of knowledge.


CRAAQ (Centre de référence en agriculture et agroalimentaire du Québec) is a network of experts with more than 500 members from many areas of the Quebec agriculture and food sectors. CRAAQ’s mandate is to centralize and disseminate knowledge, develop reference tools and promote networking in order to contribute to the improvement of the agriculture and food sectors in Quebec.

CRAAQ calendar of activities.


Agri-réseau facilitates the dissemination of knowledge and expertise of the agriculture and food sectors in Quebec. Agri-réseau diffuses scientific and technical information and makes it easily accessible to users through their various specialized websites.


IQDHO (L'Institut québécois du développement de l'horticulture ornementale) is a centre of expertise, whose primary mission is to promote innovation and knowledge transfer necessary for the development of ornamental horticulture in Quebec. The IQDHO consists of a multidisciplinary team providing technical, knowledge management and dissemination consulting services, as well as support in training, technology transfer, innovation and research and development.

IQDHO calendar of activities.