Knowledge dissemination

Dissemination of research results is an essential component of the Centre SÈVE. The Centre SÈVE publishes the results of its research in international scientific journals and the centre’s researchers regularly attend specialized conferences.The Centre SÈVE has also developed partnerships with liaison organizations such as CRAAQ and IQDHO, who organize technical workshops that bring together industry and academic scientists as well as prospecting meetings to facilitate the integration of our members’ expertise with the needs of the research community. Moreover, the Centre SÈVE offers exchange activities for its stakeholders.The Centre SÈVE regularly coordinates knowledge transfer activities such as conferences and workshops as well as seminars, allowing for the dynamic exchange of ideas and information. 

Recognizing the growing need for tomorrow's workforce in plant science, the Centre SÈVE dedicates a significant proportion of its outreach program to students of all levels and the general public by organizing and participating in popular science activities, such as a versatile traveling exhibit that can be adapted to different audiences. In addition, the Centre SÈVE has recently been awarded a grant from the NSERC PromoScience program entitled "La biologie végétale, plus qu’une science !".

In addition, the Centre SÈVE publishes a thrice-yearly newsletter, the InfoSÈVE, which outlines the Centre's activities and those of its research partners.

Discover our future knowledge transfer activities in the activities section.