Studying at the Centre SÈVE

Plant science is a priority research area for the future development and growth of plant production in Quebec. Graduate students in plant science are an essential element of the success of this economic sector. If you are considering pursuing graduate studies in plant biology, click on the Interested? link to find out how you could become a student at the Centre SÈVE.

The Centre SÈVE is committed to the training of young scientists in plant science. To provide a motivating and rewarding experience for its students, the Centre SÈVE offers various Scholarships and awards to its student members. Scholarships are also offered for co-supervision of social science students interested in pursuing multidisciplinary studies in the environmental and social aspects of crop production (Scholarship supplements for students in social sciences).

Diverse employment opportunities exist for our graduates in the academic (research, liaison), private (business consulting, research, intellectual property, popular science) and government (education, research, policy) sectors.

Centre SÈVE researchers are regularly looking for motivated students to pursue graduate studies, research internships or postdoctoral training in their laboratories. The many opportunities for MSc, PhD and internships are regularly posted on the Centre SÈVE Facebook page.