Scholarships and awards

Scholarship supplements for students in social sciences:

Two scholarships, renewable once for masters and twice for Ph.D. students, are offered each year to students in the following areas: Philosophy, Applied Ethics, Law, Communication, Management and Politics.

To be eligible, the student will have a director in his field of interest and also a co-director who is a member of the Centre SÈVE. A request may be made to a researcher of the Centre SÈVE after submission of the scholarship application.

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Awards for students of the Centre SÈVE:

The Centre SÈVE currently has more than two hundred graduate students and around twenty postdoctoral fellows. We offer our students many training and research opportunities; several mobility awards for Centre SÈVE students are available.

  • Internship training award
  • Award for presenting at a conference
  • Competition for the best oral presentation
  • International scholarships offered by the FRQNT and reserved for students of strategic clusters such as Centre SÈVE

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AgroPhytoSciences scholarships:

AgroPhytoSciences is a NSERC CREATE training program offered by the Centre SÈVE. AgroPhytoSciences wants to attract to the crop sector the best students from various disciplines by offering a multidisciplinary training program, tailored to the reality of the changing workplace, and to ensure a better professional integration. AgroPhytoSciences offers a scholarship program to financially support its students. The scholarships are awarded on competitive basis.

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