in social sciences

Scholarships supplement for students in social sciences with a project related to the priorities of Centre SÈVE:

Two financial supplements, renewable once at the master level and twice at the Ph.D. level, are offered annually to students enrolled in a social science discipline (applied ethics, philosophy, information and communication sciences, law, management, political science, sociology ...).

The student will have a director in his or her area of interest, but must also have a co-supervisor in biological sciences who is a member of Centre SÈVE. A request may be made to a researcher of the Centre SÈVE after submission of the scholarship application.

In addition to having an excellent record, the student must submit a thesis outline, describing the purpose of his or her research, the underlying hypothesis, the methodology to be used, a short bibliography and a summary.

Examples of potential research topics are listed below:

1. Agriculture and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
2. Biological control (ethical issues)
3. Discussion on the production of genetically modified organisms
4. Globalization and Agriculture
5. Bridging the gap between scientific research and public opinion
6. Environmental ethics and plant production
7. Philosophical frameworks for research in plant biology
8. Applications in research, including plant biology, of certain normative principles (ex. the precautionary principle, risk theory, sustainable development ...)

For more information, and to find out how to submit your application please contact us.