Diversity and plant performance

Coordinators: François Belzile and Louise Brisson

This axis explores the key physiological and biochemical processes that contribute to plant productivity such as those governing photosynthesis, water uptake, nutritional balance, and the development of processes and biosynthesis of molecules of industrial value. It includes crop improvement by genetic or epigenetic changes achieved among others by intra-and interspecific hybridization, marker-assisted selection (MAS) or transgenesis.

Research challenges: Elucidating the genetic and physiological parameters controlling plant productivity and developing plants and improved production systems or contributing to reductions in GHG emissions.

Theme 1A: Understanding the determining factors as well as the molecular and cellular mechanisms of growth, development, reproduction and plant productivity.

Theme 1B: Understanding and improving plant disease resistance mechanisms.

Theme 1C: Using genetic diversity resources to enhance crop yields.

Theme 1D: Development of the production of molecules of industrial interest.