3 Jun 2014


Submitted by Centre SÈVE

NSERC CREATE Training Program to meet the technological, environmental and socio-economic challenges of crop production.

A team of researchers led by Professor Carole Beaulieu received a 1, 64 million grant over six years through the NSERC Collaborative Research and Training Experience (CREATE) Program. AgroPhytoSciences is one of nine programs which were awarded a total of $ 14.8 million through the CREATE initiative.

crédit photo : Michel Caron, Université de Sherbrooke

 This grant constitutes recognition of the Centre SÈVE expertise in plant science. The CREATE program encourages innovative training approaches that help students and postdoctoral fellows acquire the skills and experience to better prepare for their future careers.

A press conference announcing the NSERC funding was held June 19 at the University of Sherbrooke Faculty of sciences. To view the coverage: http://www.usherbrooke.ca/medias/nouvelles/nouvelles-details/article/25710/

The AgroPhytoSciences program lies on a multidisciplinary and interinstitutional team consisting mostly of members of the Centre SÈVE. The research team is studying plant sciences from different angles: sciences (agronomy, biology, chemistry, ecology, mathematics and computer science), engineering, social sciences and administration.

The objective of the program is to provide a multidisciplinary, unique and personalized training to effectively prepare young scientists to enter the changing job market in the plant production sector. Thus, professionals and researchers who will have completed the AgroPhytoSciences training will be able to address the complex scientific, technical and entrepreneurial challenges facing the sector. Students will conduct research projects that fall within four research priorities: Crop Protection, Plant Breeding and Molecular Biology, Production Systems and Environmental Sciences and Socioeconomic aspects of crop production.

AgroPhytoSciences offers students an innovative educational path. The program offers students a bidisciplinary joint supervision, research internships abroad or professional internships, technological workshops and development courses, industrial visits and an access to the research infrastructures and expertise of the Centre SÈVE. Eighty percent of the funds will be used to financially support the AgroPhytoSciences trainees through a scholarship program. In total, more than 155 students and postdoctoral fellows will be trained during the six years of the grant.