AgroPhytoSciences internships

Research internship (1-6 months)

The research internship is for students wishing to acquire laboratory experience on cutting edge technology.

The research internship takes place preferentially in first rate international laboratories. The objective is for the trainees to acquire practical knowledge on new technologies and develop a network of collaborators. Our researchers have established collaborations in several countries, therefore several possibilities of host laboratories are available to trainees. Among others, the Centre SÈVE is an official partner of the EDAMUS International Master in Sustainable Management of Food Quality. Hosted at the University of Montpellier II (France), it offers training by a consortium of universities and international research centers. AgroPhytoSciences trainees have the opportunity to do an internship in partner institutions of the Edamus program.

Professional internship (1-6 months)

The professional internship offered by the AgroPhytoSciences program is an excellent training approach to integrate students into the job market. The internship is primarily focused on the development of transversal skills.

Trainees carry out their internships in a non-academic environment (governments, knowledge transfer organizations, research development and technology transfer corporations, cooperatives, industries). The Centre SÈVE is working with partners of the public and private sectors that support and offer internship opportunities.

Available scholarship programs and mobility awards

Centre SÈVE

Internship training award, Industrial training award or International internship program

These awards are reserved for graduate students of the Centre SÈVE. Students of the Centre SÈVE enrolled in the AgroPhytoSciences program receive an additional $ 1000 per award and per year.


Mitacs Accelerate internship program

This internship program allows graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to complete a research internship of four months or longer at a partner industry.

Mitacs Accelerate PhD scholarship program

This program provides three years of funding for PhD students whose research project is done in collaboration with a partner company.

Mitacs Elevate program

This fellowship program financially helps postdoctoral fellows to undertake two-year internships, as part of research collaborations between academic supervisors and industrial partners.

Mitacs Globalink

This program allows senior undergraduate and graduate students to conduct 12 to 24 weeks international research projects in partner countries.