Networking opportunities

Industrial visits

Each year, the Centre SÈVE organizes visits to industries, government laboratories and research institutions. AgroPhytoSciences trainees are encouraged to participate. Through these visits, trainees have the opportunity to develop a network of contacts which increases their visibility as a graduate to potential employers and facilitates their integration into the job market.

Annual meetings and seminars

Two seminar series are offered to AgroPhytoSciences trainees. One seminar series is presented by plant scientists (academic or industrial researchers), while the ExtraVerts seminars are presented by experts in social sciences, management or health sciences working on topics related to crop production (management, law, philosophy, economics, etc.).

Centre SÈVE annual meeting:
Students have the opportunity to present their research results and to attend talks by members of the Centre SÈVE, renowned invited speakers and representatives from the industry and the governments. The annual meeting is an opportunity for AgroPhytoSciences trainees to develop their communication skills and networking skills.