9 Feb 2015

EDAMUS - Centre SÈVE mural

Submitted by Centre SÈVE

The Centre SÈVE recently welcomed three students from the Edamus international master’s program in sustainable management of food quality. The Centre SÈVE is an associate member of this European program and we hosted a number of interns since 2012. Mai Thi Tran, Vaiva Laucyte and Nadia Shaheen Bibi Koyratty have just completed a three-month internship in Carole Beaulieu’s laboratory at the Université de Sherbrooke.

Thi, Vaiva et Nadia    La murale achevée

The three students: Vaiva, Thi and Nadia.      The completed mural. 

The three students wanted to commemorate their stay at the Université de Sherbrooke by painting a mural on a wall section located in one of the tunnels connecting the various buildings on campus. With this mural, the students have contributed in their own way to strengthen the partnership between Edamus and the Centre SÈVE.