About Centre SÈVE

The Centre SÈVE is the only inter-institutional research center in Quebec to bring together plant science researchers with a non-forest vocation. Created in 2004, the Centre SÈVE relies on significant financial support from the FRQNT through the program Regroupement Stratégique. The Centre SÈVE also receives funding from partner universities, granting agencies supporting its research activities, and other partners.

The wide scientific expertise of the Centre SÈVE is presented in the section on the Centre’s multidisciplinary research activities.

The Centre SÈVE maintains numerous collaborations with partners who collaborate in scientific research, the dissemination of knowledge, the national and international influence of the Centre SÈVE, and the training of undergraduate and graduate students.

The Centre SÈVE, through inter-institutional and multidisciplinary collaboration, has high-performance infrastructures. One objective of the Centre SÈVE is to provide the members with common services.

The Centre SÈVE relies on fundamental and applied research that operates at different levels: from molecules to ecosystems; from fundamental knowledge to technology transfers, and the production of decision-making tools. The Centre SÈVE is also distinguished by the extent and the networking of its expertise as well as by its transdisciplinary initiatives.

More specifically, the Centre SÈVE has the following objectives:

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