The values of Centre SÈVE ​​are commitment, collaboration, success, and innovation to promote research in plant sciences at the national and international levels. The Centre SÈVE works for a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive research environment of each person’s identity. In the field of science, particularly in the plant science field, we encourage the inclusion of women, people from ethnic and visible minorities, people living with disabilities, indigenous people, and people from the LGBTQ2+ community. The Centre SÈVE recognizes the unique identity of each individual and encourages access to activities for all members without distinction of their attributes.

The positive effects of inclusive approaches are well documented to accentuate innovation and excellence. Furthermore, the Centre SÈVE also wants to make its members aware of the impacts of unconscious bias and position itself to reduce the negative consequences.

The Centre SEVE intends to take advantage of the richness of its diversity while using equity and inclusion as leverage. Therefore, for each of our members, we will take into consideration their well-being, cultural security, contribution and progression, as well as educational diversity. To achieve such a result, we will initially focus on two areas:

  1. Aim for equal opportunities by implementing inclusive and equitable practices.
  2. Promote diversity by highlighting and supporting the projects of groups underrepresented in plant sciences.