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Scholarships for social science students :

Two excellence scholarships, renewable once for a master degree and twice for a Ph.D. degree, are offered each year to students in the following sectors: Philosophy, Applied Ethics, Law, Communication, Management, and Politics.

The student will have a director in his field of interest, but he must also have a co-director in biology who is a member of the Centre SÈVE. A claim can be made to the researchers of the Center SÈVE after the submission of the grant application.

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Grants reserved for Centre SÈVE students:

The Centre SÈVE currently has more than two hundred graduate students and about twenty postdoctoral fellows. We offer our students many training and research experiences and to do this, several scholarships, reserved for students of Center SÈVE researchers, exist:

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AgroPhytoSciences scholarships :

AgroPhytoSciences is an NSERC CREATE training program offered by the Center SÈVE. The AgroPhytoSciences program aims to attract the best students from various disciplines to the plant production sector by offering them multidisciplinary and diversified training adapted to the requirements of the workplace to ensure better professional integration. AgroPhytoSciences offers an advantageous scholarship program to financially support students. Scholarships are awarded on merit based on the excellence of eligible applications.

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