Mission, Vision and Values


The Centre SÈVE’s primary mission is to acquire, disseminate and transfer new knowledge, high-performance tools, and innovative technologies to improve plant productivity and the value of production in a demanding social context, the sustainability of ecosystems, and food security.

The second major mission of the Centre SÈVE is to contribute to the training of highly qualified personnel in a fair and inclusive environment necessary for the development of Quebec agriculture. Exploiting, enhancing, and rationally diversifying non-forest plant resources represent the specificities and purposes of the Centre SÈVE.


Understand the ecosystem of the plant concerning its environment to rationally exploit, enhance and diversify non-forest plant resources.

Develop a network between groups and colleges for food biosecurity for Quebecois.

Positioning of the Centre SÈVE among the major provincial, national, and international research trends.


Research and collaboration in a dynamic, equitable, and inclusive environment.

Research with ethical values, geared towards the development of environmental policies, with a sustainable development approach, actively contributing to universal action to respond to the most driving social, economic, and environmental issues