The Centre SÈVE and its researchers regularly collaborate with expert networks specializing in the dissemination of knowledge.

The CRAAQ (Quebec Reference Center for Agriculture and Agri-food) is a network of experts bringing together more than 500 members from many areas of expertise in the Quebec agricultural and agri-food sectors. The CRAAQ has the mandate to centralize and transmit knowledge, develop reference tools, and promote networking to contribute to the advancement of the agricultural and agri-food sectors in Quebec.

Here the calendar activities of activités du CRAAQ.

Agri-réseau is an accelerator (facilitator) for the dissemination of knowledge and expertise in the agricultural and agri-food sectors of Quebec. Agri-Réseau presents scientific and technical information and makes it easily accessible to users through their various specialized websites.

The IQDHO (L’Institut québécois du développement de l’horticulture ornementale) is a center of expertise whose primary mission is to promote innovation and the transfer of knowledge necessary for the development of ornamental horticulture in Quebec. The IQDHO is made up of a multidisciplinary team offering services (assistance) in consulting, knowledge management and dissemination, as well as in skills development, technology transfer, innovation and research and development.

Calendar activities of IQDHO.

Research Partnerships

The Centre SÈVE has formed numerous research partnerships from the public and private sectors, both nationally and internationally. The current partners are agricultural producers, industrialists, organizations for the dissemination of knowledge, services industry, organizations for the promotion of research, and technology transfer, and corporate organizations.

Partnership for dissemination and transfer

To ensure the success of its objective of disseminating and transferring knowledge, the Centre SÈVE maintains collaborations with partners for the dissemination of knowledge, specialized in the communication of knowledge.

Partnership for the training of undergrade and graduate students

The Centre SÈVE is aware of the importance of training a qualified succession able to meet the multiple challenges of the plant production sector. This is why the Centre SÈVE has established partnerships to develop and offer opportunities to develop professional skills and training activities that help facilitate the transition to the workplace

The Centre SÈVE offers training activities in collaboration with partners offering unique training paths to graduate students.

Centre universitaire d’enrichissement de la formation à la recherche (CUEFR)

The Centre SÈVE benefits from the expertise developed by the Centre universitaire d’enrichissement de la formation à la recherche (CUEFR). The CUEFR is a training center of Université de Sherbrooke offering a 3rd cycle microprogram to enrich research skills.

The CUEFR participates in the course offer of the program AgroPhytoSciences created by Centre SÈVE. In addition, the Centre SÈVE and the CUEFR collaborate in the development of personalized training for students in plant sciences.

EDAMUS consortium

The Centre SÈVE has been an associate member of the European consortium EDAMUS-Sustainable Food Quality Management since 2011. EDAMUS is a Master’s program aimed at training experts able to respond to the need to better understand and anticipate complex food quality management issues. Researchers at the Centre SÈVE regularly welcome interns from the EDAMUS program as part of their training.


BioFuelNet is a network of centers of excellence of Canada that brings together Canadian researchers in the advanced biofuels sector. Centre SÈVE students, whether or not they participate in the AgroPhytoSciences program, can take part in the various training and networking activities offered by BioFuelNet.