A word from the director

Director of Centre SÈVE

Peter Moffett

Plants are essential for life on earth and plant sciences have contributed to many aspects of our daily lives. Indeed, research on plant systems has resulted in fundamental discoveries applicable to many areas of life sciences. Plant science has contributed greatly to improving productivity and sustainability in agriculture, horticulture and ecosystem services. At the same time, plants provide the building blocks for biomaterials and pharmaceuticals.

The province of Québec is home to world-leading research institutions, including a strong critical mass of researchers studying plants and related systems. Researchers affiliated with the Centre SÈVE study a wide breadth of subjects related to plants, from the molecule to the ecosystem, including both fundamental and applied research. The Centre SÈVE aims to facilitate researchers working in different institutions and subject areas, including between biologists, engineers, and systems biologists, as well as experts in other natural sciences and social sciences.

The Centre SÈVE aims to foster a research community that facilitates collaborations, as well as providing support to student career development and knowledge transfer to stakeholders I invite you to visit our website to discover our programs and activities, and the cutting-edge research undertaken by our researchers.